It is with a heavy heart and after much deliberation that http://www.entertainmentviews.co.uk will close at the end of April.

I’ve had 7 glorious years creating and cultivating Break A Leg Review which led on to transition to Entertainment Views in more recent times. I’ve interviewed hundreds of fabulous people and reviewed hundreds of amazing shows. I’ve met performers from stage and screen in some weird and wonderful places, many of them were personal idols so my mind has been well and truly boggled!

There have been so many beautiful memories made, I’ve tried to pick the best of the best whilst reminiscing on my successful little stint as a part-time blogger…

I’m a huge Downton Abbey fan so I think meeting Phyllis Logan for coffee in Chiswick, skyping Lesley Nicol while she was in L.A. and meeting the vast majority of the cast at a charity event have to be up there as key moments.

As a wannabe yellow coat I’m eternally grateful for the chance I had to interview the effervescent and irrepressible Su Pollard and I count the superb Jeffrey Holland as one of my friends. Jeff’s wife Judy Buxton is also an important pal in my life and she did some cracking reviews for me last year. I knew Judy from On The Up starring Dennis Waterman and Joan Simms, it’s one of my all-time favourite comedies – so to be able to have her on my team has been a truly wonderful experience.

Celebrating my 40th birthday on the set of Mamma Mia! at the Novello Theatre with the glorious Stephen Beckett and one of my very best friends Jen Franklin is also up there with the bizarre yet mind-blowing chances I’ve had. Not forgetting that last year my little boy and I took a backstage and onstage tour whilst The ENO’s Mikado was in situ at London’s Coliseum and that highlight really will take some beating as well!

The genres I have covered since 2013 have varied from musical theatre to dramas to opera to ballet. The latter two mediums were areas I would never have dared to entertain the idea of writing about when I was a fledgling – however its thanks to the wonder that is Mezzo-Soprano Yvonne Howard that a love for Opera has blossomed. As for Ballet, blame my little boy, as his interest in taking classes has piqued my interest in going to watch the Ballet.

I’ve not only reviewed stage productions of course, I’ve ventured into television and film too and it’s been a brilliant way to diversify when there are so many of us vying for online attention. I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with a variety of PR companies and they’ve all been a pleasure to work with.

When I started out as a reviewer back in 2012, I was working for another online publication and there weren’t many midlands based theatre bloggers about. Nowadays you can’t move for a blogger, vlogger or influencer. Even lifestyle bloggers and vloggers review at theatres and it’s a constant battle for the best viewing figures. I’ve not got the time or the inclination to keep up with it all! I’m certainly no vlogger and prefer to sit behind a computer screen, hidden.

When these unprecedented times begin to unravel and some sort of normality reigns again, I for one do not want to ask theatres and production teams for complimentary tickets. They need all the funds they can get and all the paying theatre-goers they can attract to get themselves back in the game. The arts are vitally important and if I can make the slightest difference by stepping away as a reviewer with free ticket perks and paying for my ticket instead – I’m more than prepared to do that.

All good things must come to an end and I really feel I’m going out on a high. The greatest part of the past years that I’ve spent blogging have undoubtedly been the many friends I’ve made along the way. I’ve met some of my best friends (they all know who they are) either performers in the business or fans just like myself. I’ve also had the chance to provide opportunities for mates (those who started the journey with me and those I’ve met along the way) to take cheeky complimentary tickets and immerse themselves in some fantastic theatrical experiences. I know how grateful they all are and how immensely thankful I am for the fantastic reviews many of them have produced for me.

I’ve got plenty going on once Entertainment Views permanently closes its ‘doors’ and I’ll still be at large in the world of entertainment in numerous guises. Just because I’m not blogging and reviewing anymore doesn’t mean you can’t call on me for help with social media, websites and such, I’m always happy to lend a hand as many will attest to.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my ramblings and for sharing any reviews or interviews that have interested you. I’m just a fan girl sitting in front of a screen, sharing my love of all things entertainment – so if just one of you has enjoyed what I’ve brought to the teeny corner of the internet that I’ve occupied, then that’s an achievement in itself.

To conclude, I’m stealing the lyrics of one of my favourite songs from one of my all time best loved bands, Keane (my bestest friend Hayley Makepeace will be singing this line as she reads it) – Now there’s nothing left to say.

Helen x

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  1. Hey guys i know this is a blog about the theater etc but you two need your photos up on the site good publicity for you!

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