The Good (Inte)review – Olivia Newton-John

Interviewed by Helen McWilliams

Hi Olivia, thanks for talking to The Good Review, how are you?

Hi Helen, I’m very good thank you – how are you?

I’m fine thank you, how are you finding the UK weather?

Just as I expected, I even bought a big coat to come here so I’m quite excited, I don’t get the chance to wear it at home.

Are you looking forward to starting your UK tour?

Oh yes, yes I am!

It’s a celebration of forty years in music, is that right?

It is celebrating that yes absolutely…

Is there any venue in particular that you’re looking forward to performing at?

Oh, The Royal Albert Hall, I think the atmosphere there will be exciting.

Have you performed there, before?

I think I did something with Cliff (Richard), one time at the Royal Variety for the Queen.

Are there any songs that you put in your set because you know that the fans in the UK will expect them?

Yes, in England I put a couple of songs in that I haven’t performed in the rest of the world because they were only hits in England. There’s the Eurovision song ‘Long Live Love’, ‘What is Life’ which is a George Harrison song and ‘Banks of the Ohio’, those are the three that jump to mind right now.

Are there any that are your personal favourites that you like to sing on tour?

They’re all my favourites, but ‘Sam’ and ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ are two of my favourites that I like to include.

So Grease still holds a place in your heart, then?

Oh, of course, of course…

You’re working on a new dance mix CD to be released this year, I hear?

Oh, yes with my nephew…

Are there any of your classic hits that will be featured on there?

I know there’s ‘Broken Wing’ and a couple of songs that Brett [Goldsmith, Olivia’s nephew] wrote, we’re working on getting it released this year.

You reunited with John Travolta for a Christmas album [‘This Christmas’] last year, what was that like?

It was a lot of fun, we had a lot of fun, we released it in aid of my cancer charity [Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre] and the Jett Travolta Foundation [Jett Travolta is John’s late son]. We’re both very busy but we worked it out so that we could come together for our charities.

That’s brilliant, I also hear that you co-founded National Tree Day, how’s that initiative going?

We’re going to start a new initiative in the UK by planting a tree for ‘one child, one tree’ which is going to be an international initiative to get children all over the world to plant a tree during their time at school.

How fantastic, well it’s been an absolute pleasure – thank you for talking to me, Olivia and good luck with the tour.

Thank you very much, love – bye!

You can find details of Olivia’s forthcoming tour as well as information about her amazing charity work at
First published 08.03.13



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