Disney on Ice – NIA, Birmingham

Reviewed by Helen and Garry McWilliams

Celebrating 100 years of Disney magic was the aim of this spectacular show at Birmingham’s NIA Arena, and to say it was done ‘in style’ is an understatement.

Surpassing themselves, in our opinion – the talented and fearless team of skaters worked wonders as they conjured up sweet memories of Disney films gone by. Starting with Aladdin, was an ingenious (pardon the pun) idea and tribute, and we were blown away by the acrobatic skills of ‘Aladdin’ and the main ‘Genie’ (for there were several genies!) it was simply amazing. Equally, Beauty and the Beast provided an opportunity for more demonstrations of intricate footwork, seamless moves and a breath-taking backdrop. It must be no mean feat to perform so marvellously dressed as the Beast or indeed a candlestick!

Its A Small World was inspired, as huge Disneyland Paris fans it resurrected memories of a fantastic ride, capturing all of the magical innocence of the experience. The scenery that was ‘shifted’ with the performers was barely noticeable as every transition occurred so smoothly. We hope that there are more links to the Disney parks in future shows as this element definitely enhanced the first act.

Toy Story was our personal favourite, which featured skaters who mimicked the characters exceedingly well and gave some of the best all round performances. There were some stunning special effects used throughout, notably during the Pinocchio scene and some of the more ‘obscure’ Disney films were showcased, which was the icing on the cake.

With appearances from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and so many sing along moments, this is a must see show. Tickets can be booked by following this link http://www.feldentertainment.com/Shows/DisneyOnIce/

Have a Disney kinda day, everyone!







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