Break A Leg Review Interview: Basil Brush


One of the many delights that having a little one brings (in our case, we have a one year old son) is that we can justify attending events for the younger viewer – although we are both big kids, ourselves 🙂

We are looking forward to seeing Basil Brush in his new show at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre on 3rd April, and even more excited to have caught up with the fox himself!

Hi Basil, thank you for talking to us at Break A Leg Review:
Are you looking forward to your UK tour and which theatre in particular are you excited to play?
Break a leg, Mr Stephen say that to each other everyday before we go on stage, I always worry about him that one day he might actually break something while we are being chased by ghosts, heading off into space or doing his silly dancing in the show …. I am thrilled to be heading off on another momentus tour of the UK, it means I get to take laughter to the four corners of the UK, and when you see where we are heading, I really do mean the four corners! … We are flying flying around the country , up , done , up down , up down … And that’s not in an aeroplane… We have so much laughter in the show that some of it is in the right places and seeing mums with their fingers in their ears because of the screaming at the baddie fills me with glee…. It is what keeps me going everyday, the noise, the screaming … And that just as I walk down the high street… I love the fact that one minute kids can be watching me on their parents smart phone on youtube and minutes later there I am in the flesh… Or fur !
I just love live theatre, and look forward to each venue, and I don’t have any particular favourite but always look forward to those close near the sea side so I can paint my brush pink and disguise myself as a candy floss… Incognito I call it …BOOMBOOM
Where did your catchphrase ‘Boom Boom’ come from?
Talking of boom boom, that originated years ago in the days of music hall when the drummer would always hit a boom boom at the end of a joke, very similar to Panto today… What do you call a dear with no eyes?….er no idea … Ha ha …BOOM BOOM… It sort of makes a rhythm and just works, I have had it for my self ever since… I think I shall stick with it …
What can we expect from you in this new show? Are you going to be on your best behaviour?
I am never on my best behaviour in shows, I like to trip up mr Stephen by adding some extra lines, he is very clever and can get out of it… Also I love the fact that we have a giant video screen centre stage which can take us on adventures with film , and then back to reality, we have lots of audience participation, shouting at the baddy, the boys and girls get to play games on the stage and at the end of the show can meet us ion the foyer for photographs with myself and Mr Stephen tip tweet or Facebook … I call it a tweet and greet as opposed to meet and greet!
Is there a Mrs Brush who keeps the home fires burning while you’re on the road?
Since I am not yet married, I couldn’t tie myself to one girl, I can’t do knots, there is not a Mrs Brush, I have had many offers, and I think it is the brush that attracts them, so I am footloose and fancy free till the right fox comes along … But I do like dates… Especially for breakfast, very healthy!
Is Mr Stephen a good travelling companion?
He’s great, but is a slow driver, I have a rolls ‘can’ardly, it rolls down the hill, can hardly go up the other side!! Boom boom….
Finally, have you got a message for your legions of fans who may not have bought their tickets, yet?
My message for my fans is, get yourself down to your local theatre for the show of a lifetime, a show for kids, a show for grown ups, a show for grannies and granddads, a show for the whole family, I get thanked by mums every day for giving a children’s show, that is also for the adults, mums and dads work hard and if they can sit and enjoy the show too …we have a winner!!! And we do … BOOM BOOM BOOK NOW….. Or you will miss out ….
We’d like to thank Basil for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat to us, you can find all of the tour dates (NOT the breakfast item…) here:

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