Break A Leg Review Interview: Ian Blyth

Interviewed by Helen McWilliams

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The pictures above show a couple of examples of Ian’s work and credited to him.

Since we began attending MCM Expo Comic Cons on a regular basis, our interest in cosplay has piqued, and we were curious to find out more about the people who attend the events in costume. Ian Blyth was recommended to us as a favourite cosplayer, so here’s the interview that he kindly agreed to. Thanks Ian!

So, how long have you been Cosplaying for and what started the interest? 

I’ve been costuming for about 4 years now, I started getting into the community solely as a photographer, but it looked so much fun that I decided to throw my hat in and start making costumes myself… I started with a relatively simple 10th Doctor costume, and moved on to more complicated costumes almost immediately.

Are there any characters you’ve wanted to Cosplay as that haven’t worked out?

A few, the main one being Jackie Estacado, it’s a costume I would utterly love to do, but currently the costume is beyond my technical abilities sadly.

Who is your favourite character to Cosplay?

Tough choice, currently I’d say the Goblin King from Labyrinth, villains are so much fun to work with!

Have you a most memorable Comic Con moment you can share with us?

Well I’d say one of my most memorable moments was having my costume posted and talked about by the writers of Doctor Who / Torchwood after an LFCC convention. Though the Twitter posts were more focused on some… ahem, attributes, of Jareth, as I’d forgotten to wear a dance belt under the tight leggings. Quite embarrassing to have some famous writers discussing my ‘junk’ and congratulating me on it publically on Twitter.

What would you say to encourage the people who want to Cosplay but can’t get the nerve to do it?

Just jump into it, honestly, costuming is so much fun, and building the costumes, working around the technical side and design work, and then wearing the finished product and bringing the character to life… there’s nothing else like it!

Favourite Things (quick fire questions):

Favourite film?

Pump up the Volume

Favourite actor/actress?

Yvonne Craig

Favourite venue for Comic Con?

Excel London

Favourite television programme?

The West Wing

Favourite quotation?

“They say I’m disturbed. Well, of course I’m disturbed. I mean, we’re all disturbed. And if we’re not, why not? Doesn’t this blend of blindness and blandness want to make you do something crazy? Then why not do something crazy? It makes a helluva lot more sense than blowing your f*cking brains out.” ~ Mark Hunter (PutV)


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