The Basil Brush Show: The Full on Fox Tour 2015 ~ Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

Reviewed by Helen McWilliams


On Friday 3rd April, the cheeky little fox, Basil Brush landed at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre to entertain his fans of all ages in his latest stage show. Joined by Mr Stephen (Chris Pizzey), this was an energetic show with something for everybody. There was music, dancing, villainy, and not forgetting the ever-popular catchphrase ‘BOOM BOOM!’ Our fifteen month old son came along for his very first experience of live theatre, and if his reaction was anything to go by, this tour is a sure-fire hit.

Brilliantly directed by Chris Pizzey, there’s the right balance of pantomime and slap-stick humour, coupled with well-rounded stories and opportunities for the audience to get up on their feet and join in. I’m not sure we appreciated the soaking, though… you pesky lot…

The set was quite charming and perfect for this kind of show, there was good use of the audio visual screen at the back of the stage, which helps to throw the naughty fox into the era for his current audience. For Basil Brush has been a star since 1968, it’s quite a feat to be continually  entertaining audiences after 47 years in the business.

The highlight of the show was the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ story, I won’t give too much away, but it provided an excellent platform to demonstrate some of Mr Stephen’s talents! There were wigs, hats and intrigue (not to mention a rogue custard pie). Also, throughout the show, watch out for Mr Brush’s nemesis, don’t look him in the eyes, he’s bitter!

It was such an incredible experience to be able share one of my childhood ‘heroes’ with our son, and superb that he is as fascinated with Mr Brush as I was (and still am, if I’m honest!). All that remains to be said is ‘Boom Boom, Basil!’.

You can find tour dates and more information, here: and I highly recommend that you try and catch this show, it’s perfect all-round family entertainment.




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