Tim Vine: Tim Timineee Tim Timinee Tim Tim To You ~ Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Reviewed by Helen and Garry McWilliams

Tim-Vine-2014-A3-tour-poster_Layout 1

Tim Vine’s first tour in four years looked set to be sold out at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham as the crowds piled in and the venue appeared to be as full as we’d ever seen it.

Opening with warm up act, John Archer who not only brought quick-witted comedy which the audience seemed to collectively delight in, but bamboozling magic which is still puzzling us, now! In our opinion, Mr Archer is so much more than a warm-up act and we would be pleased to see him in his own gig. An addition of musical ‘interludes’ completed the multi-talented gentleman’s act and ‘One Direction’ are making us smile at the moment, not for the reasons you might be thinking of! The comedian/magician built up a terrific rapport with the audience and included a hilarious spot of audience participation, well done Craig from Wordsley.

The main man began with a few ‘chimney’ jokes, and from there the one-liners ‘flew’ (pardon the pun!). Vine demonstrates an intricately clever brand of comedy which is so fast-paced and zany that it’s vital to be able to keep up with him. Fortunately, as long-term fans of his work, we were able to keep up and the evening provided many a belly laugh for us. A few props added to the mad-cap humour and of course ‘Pen Behind the Ear’ was a triumph as always! We are also impressed by Mr Vine’s ‘moves’ and promise faithfully not to steal them.

Overall, an entertaining evening with not one, but two comics both at the top of their game, which was a pleasant surprise. We’re slightly disappointed that Vine’s set wasn’t longer, but quality over quantity is not a bad thing.

You can book tickets for the remainder of the tour here: http://www.timvine.com/

Wed like to thank ‘Town Hall Symphony Hall’ for an excellent evening, as usual.





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