Spotlight On… The Searchers

*** Spotlight On… The Searchers ***

The Searchers are recognisable for their many hits, including: Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar and Spice and When You Walk in the Room. They were a success in the 60’s and continue to be an exceedingly popular group, decades later. I interviewed frontman and original member, Frank Allen.

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How are you enjoying touring at the moment and are there any particular favourite venues of yours that you’ve played at or are due to go to?
We have always loved touring, still do and it`s been pretty continuous for the last five decades which is amazing. We are often asked if we get fed up with it. The travelling – yes. The performing – no.
Which song or song(s) gets the biggest reaction from the audience?
Without a doubt When You Walk In The Room. Not the biggest hit. It reached number three. But it has the most impact. A great Jackie DeShannon song with a terrific tune, and words that everyone sings along to.
Are there any numbers that you particularly favour playing?
Too many to pick an absolute favourite but one of our later album tracks, Somebody Told Me You Were Crying, is a beautiful tune and the lyrics are stunning and very emotional.
What sort of age range is your tour appealing to? Are you noticing some of the same faces returning again and again?
I always say our audience in the new millennium goes from incredibly young to fast approaching death, in the nicest possible way. We had our youngest audience member last year. A little lad called James who was nine months old and sat in the front row on his mother`s lap.
Is there a song recorded by another band that you wish you’d recorded?
Probably You’ve Got Your Troubles, a huge hit for The Fortunes. Apparently we were offered it and turned it down but no one can remember.
What is your advice for anyone wishing to enter into the music business?
Don`t believe your own publicity and play the music you enjoy rather than what the current trend might be. Originality is everything.

One of the local West Midlands venues that the band will be playing at this year is Huntingdon Hall in Worcester on 4th December, however all concert dates can be found on their website:

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