Peter Pan ~ Malvern Theatres


My final pantomime visit of the season was to see Peter Pan at Malvern Theatres. In my opinion, this was the best I’ve seen this year and it was everything a pantomime should be. It held the attention of two under two year olds, for a start! To the point where a fellow audience member commented on how well behaved my little boy and his pal had been.

The set was bright, effective and simple, this worked because there was not one weak link in the incredibly strong cast, led brilliantly by musical theatre star Jessica Punch. I had seen Jessica previously in Singin’ In The Rain and she was memorable, then – as Peter Pan, she brought a marvellously mischievous element to the character. Her ‘flying’ was also impressive, and her singing voice, which I had prior knowledge of, a joy to behold. Mark Moraghan is the best Captain Hook I have seen to date, and I’ve seen many of them over the years! He had the right mixture of villain and hapless fool to bring the right balance to the character and earned himself a heckle from my young companion.

Rosie Needham played a feisty Tinkerbell, another actress with great vocal ability and she delightfully glided across the stage on roller skates. Andrew Agnew (best known from Balamory) was excellent as Smee, his previous children’s entertainment experience made him an instant hit with the young audience members, and the acrobatic scene was just the ticket at a point in the show where the youngsters’ attention was starting to wain. A well timed peak in the pantomime. Hannah-Jane Fox was a beautiful Mrs Darling and a hilarious comedy mermaid, later on. Fox’s vocal abilities are truly stunning and it was no surprise to learn that she has starred in musical theatre.  The crocodile was also pretty impressive in this version, as it hurtled across the stage on wheels!

The choice of music was spot on, a combination of modern and classic hits which carried the momentum of the show along smoothly. Defying Gravity was the highlight for me, a good choice to showcase some of the female talent in the cast.

Peter Pan stays in Malvern until 3rd January 2016, this pantomime is highly recommended by my young toddler and I. It’s good, wholesome family entertainment and you’d have to go a long way to find another that matches the quality of this show. is the website to visit to book tickets.


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