Spotlight On… Megan Llewellyn


*** Spotlight On… Megan Llewellyn ***

She’s currently playing the Diva, ‘Carlotta’ in ‘Phantom of the Opera’ at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End – I found out what led actress Megan Llewellyn to this wondrous role and discovered her future aspirations.

Why did you decide that performing was the career for you, was there a defining moment?
I remember as a child being totally spellbound by MGM films. The likes of Gene Kelly, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire etc. were magical creatures to me. Aged 5 I would tap dance on the hard kitchen floor in my Mum’s hard soled slippers imagining I was in one of the films. Always knew I wanted to act.
How are you enjoying playing Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera? Were you already familiar with the show as an audience member?
I had only seen the show once about 10 years ago. I knew of the famous music from Phantom; All I Ask of You, Think of Me, Music of the Night etc. but didn’t know Carlotta’s. Now I know  it and I love playing her!
What do you think of Carlotta as a character?
She is a self indulgent Diva but there is a vulnerability to her too. It’s because of this that she can behave so appallingly. I reckon she’d be great to have at a dinner party….
Which is your favourite musical number from the show?
I love the opening, when the Chandelier rises to the sounds of the organ but my favourite song is Wishing you Were Somehow Here Again. I lost my Mum a few years ago, how many times I’ve wished her here again! Very moving song.
If you could play a different role in Phantom of the Opera, which one would it be and why?
The Phantom. He gets the best songs!

What are your future aspirations? Are there any roles that you have an ambition to play?
I’d love to sing more Sondheim. Also Rosalinda in Die Fledermaus. Eliza Doolittle would be a dream role.
Have you a favourite musical or opera?
Difficult to pick just one. I love The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, Into the Woods, which I saw at The Donmar Warehouse years ago…amazing production, I went to see it twice! Miss Saigon made an impression. Phantom is a great show too of course!
Opera-wise, Madame Butterfly.
If you hadn’t become a performer, is there another career you could see yourself having pursued?
I’d probably have gone into interior design. Already gutted and re designed 2 houses.
Favourite Things (give me your first reaction to these questions):
Favourite theatre?
The Royal Albert Hall.
Favourite song?
In Buddy’s Eyes, Sondheim.
Favourite time of year?
Late Spring.
Favourite author?
Enid Blyton, fond memories from childhood.
Favourite childhood memory?
The school proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

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