The Snowman ~ Birmingham Repertory Theatre


The strains of “We’re Walking in the Air” brings to mind memories of cosy afternoons during the festive period, watching the animation based upon Raymond Briggs’ well known book. The Snowman, in my opinion is a dream of a film to watch and it translates delightfully on the stage.

The stage production follows the film with not a word being spoken and the tale is portrayed by way of music, dance and mime. The set provides an enchanting backdrop and it drew in the attention of my young toddler, immediately (in fact the entire production held his attention). There were some nice comedy moments between the boy and his parents and some well choreographed crowd scenes while The Snowman was built.

Oscar Couchman is outstanding as the boy, a star in the making! The family bond with his parents (played by Sophie Hartley and Anthony Edwards) was beautifully played. The Snowman himself was played by James Leece who remained unbelievably still for a lengthy period of time before he came to life!

When the boy and the Snowman took flight it was a joy to behold, seamless transitions from the stage crew made this a scene which one almost felt a part of. Choreography by Robert North was spectacular and performed by a terrifically talented ensemble who appeared to embody their characters so perfectly. The animals were all played with skill and care, from the family cat to the penguins, every movement was spot on.

Bill Alexander should be congratulated for the direction of a splendid piece of theatre which is heart-warming at any time of year, but is particularly welcome as a post-Christmas treat.

A short run at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre must end on Sunday 24th January so get your tickets, quickly!


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