Spotlight On… Robert Daws and Amy Robbins

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*** Spotlight On… Robert Daws and Amy Robbins ***

They met while filming ‘The Royal’ for ITV, and now they’re happily married with two children. Now, they’re touring the UK with ‘Rehearsal for Murder’, so I caught up with Amy Robbins and Bob Daws to find out all about the show.

Hi Robert and Amy, thank you for talking to ‘Break A Leg Review’,so tell me about ‘Rehearsal for Murder’, what can the audience expect from the play and which characters do you both play?
We play a playwright, Alex Dennison, and a movie star, Monica Welles. They have fallen in love and are about to get married. Tragedy strikes on their opening night in the West End and the play follows Alex’s unique investigation into Monica’s suspicious death. The audience can expect all the twists and turns, murder and suspense you’d expect from the writers of Columbo and Murder She Wrote.
Are you both fans of murder mysteries? Do you have a favourite whodunit author?
We love a good thriller. Bob has more interest has more interest in murder mysteries because he writes them himself. He has an Amazon best seller called The Rock and he is about to publish two more murder mysteries following the same characters, DI Broderick and DS Sullivan.
Is this the first time that you have worked together on stage? Is it something you will be keen to do again?
Yes it is. We worked together for eight years filming The Royal, but this is the first time we have managed to be in a play together. We are enjoying it very much, so will certainly not rule out future opportunities.
You met each other while working on ‘The Royal’ – so apart from meeting and eventually getting married, what are your favourite memories of that show and do you think it ended at the right time?
We had completed eight series and the time seemed right to move on to other things. We had a wonderful time on the show and worked with  many wonderful actors, directors and writers. We also married and had our girls whilst filming the show, so it will always be a very special time for us.
Robert, you first came to my attention in the wonderful and hilarious ‘Outside Edge’, what are your over-riding memories of that series and can you play cricket in real life?
Another lovely show to have been part of. A great cast and terrific scripts by Richard Harris. Nothing but fond summer memories of the show, and yes, I play cricket, with sporadic flashes of average ability.
Amy, you first ‘appeared in my living room’ in ‘Casualty’, which I still regularly watch to this day, did you enjoy your experience of that show.
It’s one of the great TV shows and I was very happy to be a part of it. Robert was actually the hospital manager for a year, but our paths never crossed.
What’s next for you both when this tour finishes?
Happily several projects are in the air, at the moment so we can sit back a bit and take a view. Doesn’t happen often in an actor’s life so we’ll enjoy it while we can.
Thanks to Amy and Robert for taking the time out to answer those questions.
Our review of ‘Rehearsal for Murder’ will be up, tomorrow and you can find information relating to its stop at ‘Malvern Theatres’ on our ‘What’s On’ page.


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