Album Review ~ Liza Pulman Sings Hollywood

To coincide with her current tour, Liza Pulman has released an album entitled Liza Pulman Sings Hollywood, and it’s really worth a listen.

Liza Pulman

The Diva from trio Fascinating Aida, has included a selection of classic Hollywood movie tracks on the list and none of them disappoint. So spot on is the quality of this album that it’s difficult to pick favourites to give you an idea of what to expect. However, the most notable songs for me, personally are:

Alfie – it’s one of Liza’s favourite songs and it shows, her vocals are beautiful and delicate on this number as she connects with the lyrics on a high plain. Even though this is one of the late Cilla Black’s classics, Ms Pulman makes this her own.

Evergreen – when I saw Liza sing this live I thought she gave Ms Streisand a run for her money. Listening to it on audio, she definitely gives Ms Streisand a run for her money!! A stunning piece which bring to memory clips from the movie as the number progresses.

Diamond’s Are A Girls Best Friend – this song epitomises our Diva’s character, glamorous, glitzy and full of pizazz! It’s a great indication of what a treat you’re in for at her concert.

Moon River – a jazzy version which I have taken to my heart. It demonstrates her vocal ability, beautifully and has the making of an excellent single release.

You’ve Got A Friend In MeDisney films are among my favourites, and this hit from Toy Story is a perfect addition to the album. I think the pitch of the number lends itself well to female vocals and it’s one of Liza’s best. Love it!

For details of how and where to purchase this superb album, visit – it is certainly worth a listen.




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