Book Review ~ Hunt for the Enemy, Rob Sinclair

Rob Sinclair’s trilogy of novels about the enigmatic agent, Carl Logan have literally been flying off the shelves, with over 150,000 copies sold. The first book, Dance with the Enemy, kick-started the popularity of Logan and his adventures, this was followed by Rise of the Enemy, and now Sinclair has completed the story with Hunt for the Enemy.

Logan was one of the best Intelligence Agents that the JIA had, however this story sees Logan at a low ebb, far from the untouchable professional he once was. Left out in the cold because he is considered a traitor and has been linked to the murders of fellow JIA agents and other officials. The question is, who is pointing the finger at Logan for these crimes?

Angela Grainger (with whom Logan has a past), is on hand when he needs someone to turn to, he is on a mission to find out who is putting him in the frame for murder him and why. Meanwhile the new Head of the JIA is trying desperately to piece together this ceaseless jigsaw puzzle with the CIA intervening.

This final novel in the series is quick, slick and gripping, Sinclair’s characterisation remains top-notch and as always, I can picture every individual in the story. The ending is pretty close to perfect, it makes sense and is not altogether predictable. A triumph for an excellent author whom I hope we will see much more from in the future.

Be sure to visit for information about the author and his thrilling trilogy.


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