Ireland’s Call ~ New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

  • Touring Show – finishing in Eastbourne on 5 May 2016

Ireland’s Call tells the story of Sean Dempsey, and how immigration separated him from his true love, the story is shared through dance and song. A romantic story which features tunes such as Irish Rover, Molly Malone and Tell Me Ma. Ged Graham undoubtedly steal the show for me, he’s a magnificent narrator and I felt that his substantial role enhanced the story telling.

Notable were Mike Burr as Sean Dempsey and Shauna Barry as Cora McGowen, which was essential to the success of the show as they played characters who were at the centre of the tale. The plot is a predictable story line reminiscent of a more modern Romeo and Juliet style situation.

The dancing was sensational and a joy to behold, the vocals of the company were also a highlight, their pitch, overall was superb. Some of the original numbers were so intricate and performed with a beautiful connection to the lyrics.

Overall, a very enjoyable evening at the theatre, tap along and sing along songs with a strong cast, appropriate choreography and it’s good to see something different in the world of musicals.

Visit for details of forthcoming tour dates, to book tickets and to watch clips of the show. It’s definitely worth a watch!





Photo credit: Ireland’s Call

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