Ross and Rachel ~ Press Release


Ross & Rachel by James Fritz

UK Tour: June – July 2016

London run: 21st June – 25th June, Battersea Art Centre

Look at all those couples. Who will leave. Who will cheat. Who will die first. Her. Her. Him.

After an incredible, highly acclaimed sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe 2015, Ross & Rachel by Olivier-nominated James Fritz heads to New York for this year’s Brits Off Broadway Festival before embarking on a UK Tour. During its Edinburgh run, M
olly Vevers was awarded The Stage Award for Acting Excellence (solo performance) recognising her stunning and deeply moving performance.

A dark and uncompromising new play about romance, expectation and mortality, Ross & Rachel tells the mind-bending, heart-breaking story of what happens when a couple that was always meant to be together, gets together. And stays together.  In this disquieting duologue for one performer, Molly Vevers takes an unflinching look at the myths of modern love.

Vevers’ performance … is like an act of spiritual possession: intense and concentrated as she slowly submerges herself in a tub of water lit by a ring of candles, the significance of which slowly and horrifically dawns (The Scotsman).

Ross & Rachel confronts what happens when two people are forced to handle the end of a relationship in the harshest of ways. It explores the idea of ‘happy-ever-after’ – sold to us by rom-coms and sitcoms, whether it’s Ross and Rachel or Romeo and Juliet – and how this affects our real-life relationships. Ross & Rachel leaves audiences feeling bruised and shaken, thinking long and hard about endings of all kinds.

Writer James Fritz comments, It’s a show we’re all thrilled to be doing again – not least because more people can experience Molly’s incredible performance. We had no idea how audiences would respond to the play’s form and subject matter before the first run, so to have had such a positive and visceral reaction was really exciting.

Fritz’s script has a streak of mischief a mile wide … It’s a virtuosic piece of writing, playful, post-modern and devastatingly serious, all at once (Time Out).


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