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  • Ross and Rachel is at Battersea Arts Centre then touring. Details of venues, dates and ticket prices can be found here: 

Actress, Molly Vevers is set to star in Ross and Rachel At Battersea Arts Centre, and I caught up with her to find out all about it.

Hi Molly, thank you for talking to Break A Leg Review, tell me about Ross & Rachel and what the key characteristics are of your role.

Ross & Rachel is a dark and very honest play about a relationship – a man and a woman who have been together for such a long time that they come as a package. It’s a play for one performer, so I play both of the characters, and it looks at our expectations of relationships, and how people struggle to hold onto their own identities whilst at the same time still wanting to be that ‘perfect couple’.

What drew you to the role and the play?
In all honesty, I got the audition and went hoping for the best! But once I started working on it I was really excited by how scary it was – I’d never worked on a one-person show before, and the form of it being one monologue with two characters speaking means there is loads of work to do for an actor – in a good way! It also requires a huge amount of emotional investment, so sussing out how to do that for each and every performance was a huge challenge as well.
What inspired you to become an actress?
I think probably my family, in some ways. My parents were involved in local amateur dramatic shows, my Mum was a singer as well, so I used to watch them doing shows and then got involved in some myself when I was really young. I think it stemmed from there and then I was a very proactive teen and learnt lots myself about how you could pursue it as a career, which I just sort of chucked myself into quite blindly – I left school early and went to college to do acting.
What job do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t chosen this career path, and why?
Well, I really like the idea of being a midwife but anyone who knows me will laugh at that as an idea because I am so embarrassingly queasy about anything medical-related that I recently fainted at the opticians.
Are there any roles that you have an ambition to play?
Loads! I can’t say I’ve got a massive hankering to play like Lady Macbeth, or Juliet for example – I mean, I wouldn’t say no – but I really like new writing so I’d say that excites me a bit more. Although I do really want to do a Chekhov play – I really want to be in The Seagull.
What has been the most poignant moment of your career so far?
It’s very early days for me but it was lovely doing Ross & Rachel in Edinburgh as family and friends from back home in Scotland got to see the show and were so proud and supportive, which was very nice.
What is your advice for budding young actors?
I still feel very much at that stage myself so from my own experience – try and see as much theatre as possible, do lots of your own work in terms of contacting people and I suppose learn how to be patient?!
What would you say to encourage potential audience members to come and see Ross & Rachel?
I would say it’s not what you’d usually expect from a monologue. It’s something a bit different – it’s dark, but hopefully funny as well, and says things about relationships that I think loads of people will recognise.
I’d like to thank Molly for chatting to Break A Leg Review and wish her every success with the tour.

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  1. Saw this wonderful play in Canterbury last night. She is absolutely brilliant. It was a real tour de force. I was absolutely riveted from beginning to end. What a fabulous actor. Thank you. Leigh

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