Spotlight On… Emily Valentine (EeVee Cosplay)

Cosplayers are the life blood running through a Comic Con, so as we were due to attend Wales Comic Con on 23rd and 24th April, we thought why not catch up with one of the most popular Cosplayers…. EeVee….

When did you first start cosplaying and what attracted you to it?
I started cosplaying back in 2013, I went to MCM Manchester, saw other people cosplaying and it looked like a lot of fun so  wanted to get involved and do it myself, so I did. So the fun aspect is probably what attracted me most
Who is your favourite character to cosplay and is there a character you would like to ‘play’ who you have not yet attempted?
All time favourite would be vaporeon, its my favourite eeveelution, I made my design super comfy to wear and its quite adaptable to changes,
There’s a lot of characters I have plans for such as Khaleesi, Stocking, Koneko, Taokaka, there’s too many!
Are there any cosplayers you admire particularly and why?
Lannie Possum cosplay- she’s beautiful, a great photographer and cosplayer, and she can literally become anyone. White Rose cosplay- she makes her own cosplays wonderfully, she is a lovely person who works hard at what she does,
Blue Steel cosplay- his cosplay and armour builds are great and he’s someone I really look up to, the Spiderman of Farnborough, he is so dedicated to his costumes and he is admirable as he visits children in hospitals, runs kids parties and is generally an awesome guy.
Which are your favourite events to cosplay at?
MCM and Anime League are the main events I attend, I work weekends so i can’t attend cosplay meet ups other wise I’d attend those events also.
Aside from cosplay opportunities, what else do you look for in a comic con? What is important to you?
I see cons as an opportunity to work and get page content to keep it running, so photoshoots, taking photos myself of the con. Other than that it’s important to me to catch up with my friends, meet page followers, spend time with my boyfriend and generally have a good time.
What is your advice for anyone who would like to cosplay but has not found the courage to do so?
Just go for it, even if you just buy a cosplay and wear it around your bedroom before you ever show case it, if you want to cosplay then give it a try, as you might enjoy it once you get over the initial fears and worries, it’s actually a great thing to do.
Finally, where can we next see you in your fantastic costumes? Any events coming up soon?
MCM London, MCM Manchester, MCM London, EGX, MCM Birmingham.

Updates can be found on my page:

Thanks for your time, it’s been a pleasure and we’ll see you in Birmingham!




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