Spotlight On… Sea Life’s Chris Levens

Sea Life is in residence at The Hope Theatre from 24th May until 11th June and stars Chris Levens who has worked with director, Matthew Parker before. I caught up with Chris to find out all about the play and his role. You can find the press release and a link to book tickets here:

How does your character differ to the role you played in Lovesong of the Electric Bear, where you previously worked with director, Matthew Parker?

It’s a very different role this time around. With LOTEB I played seven different parts (as well as a few extras), ranging from a New York Drag Queen to Turing’s Headmaster. With Sea Life, I’m just playing the one character, Bob, who has a non-identical twin sister called Roberta, with whom he is probably a little bit too close; and an older brother called Eddie, whom he treats with a fair old slice of contempt.

What are the key elements a play must have to encourage you to want to do it?

For me the most important feature of a play is characters with whom you can quickly identify. Humour is also key for me, it gives the hard-hitting moments more impact and gives light and shade to an evening at the theatre.

What inspired you to become an actor?

A wanton disregard for my own happiness. Along with deriving strange enjoyment from telling a really good story to a group of total strangers.

What would you have pursued as a career if you hadn’t taken this path?

I’d probably be giving music a good old go. I’ve written a lot of my own songs and often perform at open mic nights so I’d probably head in that direction.

Any advice for budding actors?

Work hard, don’t take yourself too seriously and develop a thick skin quickly. The sooner you get confident, the easier it becomes.

Finally, what’s your advert to encourage my readers to come and see Sea Life?

It’s funny in the darkest possible way, it’s incredibly moving and it’s a steal at only £12/15 a ticket. If frantic, fantastical family dramas are your kind of thing then get yourself down to the Hope for some good old-fashioned seaside hospitality. You won’t forget it in a hurry!

Thanks to Chris for chatting to Break A Leg Review, wishing him all the best with the show, which sounds like an interesting concept and a good night at the theatre.


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