Spotlight On… Amber Marley

Strange Land is coming to Chelsea Theatre from 26th – 28th May and I caught up with Amber Maddison to chat about her characters and see what she would say to promote their amazing production.

Tell me about the character(s) you play and what you find to be most interesting about the role(s).

I play Frieda, Lea’s Nursing friend she is a very boisterous character and is extremely confident, so it is really fun to play her, and considering its an original production I get to really make her my own, alike all of the other cast members. I also have featured roles as a nurse and factory worker which has allowed me to explore the different physicality’s and personalities of each character individually.

What’s your favourite part of the production?

My favourite part of the production is Scene 7 where the entire cast are involved, it’s quite a still scene and explores the politics of the show which makes the production different to many others, we also spent a lot of time on this scene in particular towards our characterisation.

Is there another role that you could see yourself playing? If so, which one and why that part?

I don’t know really, I think I suit the characters I have been given, and I get the chance to show many different sides of my acting.

What’s been the best part of being involved on the production? Also, what would you say to potential audience members to encourage them to come along and see you?

Its been a very collaborative production, and I have also had the chance of being dance captain again which is something that I wish to pursue in the future. We have had a lot of free rein with our characters and since it is a newly written show we have been able to discuss options and take risks during rehearsals with our director. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working with Tim Gilvin our Musical Director for the first time and to sing originally written music is something extremely new to me and I would love the chance to do it again. Although the choreography is minimal the best thing about it is, that it pushes the plot forward creating a very integrated and contextual musical. Jo Roots’ choreography inspired by Frantic Assembly, Lloyd Newson and Pina Bausch has helped create a boundary breaking piece of german expressionist theatre that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Many thanks to you, Amber – a pleasure to interview you!

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