Spotlight On… Kelly Young

Strange Land is coming to Chelsea Theatre from 26th – 28th May and I caught up with Kelly de Jong to chat about her characters and see what she would say to promote their amazing production.

Tell me about the character(s) you play and what you find to be most interesting about the role(s)

I play 3 characters; Lena Passenger 2, Sister Isabella, and Britta the foreman. I find the roles interesting because they are all different in their own ways. Lena is a farmer and a very traditional woman. She is a strong character. Sister Isabella is a beautiful character. I think she is my favourite of the three. She is a soft caring nun who just wants to help everybody, even when circumstances change she still follows what she believes is right. Britta is a very strong personality. She doesn’t break no matter what happens.

What’s your favourite part of the production?

My favourite part of the production is the song Follow. It has been beautifully written by Tim Gilvin and completely suits the situation based on the song Scarborough Fair. It is truly a heartbreaking scene and get me almost in tears every time.

Is there another role that you could see yourself playing? If so, which one and why that part?

There are so many great roles in this production that as actors some of us would love to play every role. I definitely wouldn’t choose any other role than the ones chosen by my director. I love playing them.

What’s been the best part of being involved on the production?

The best part of this production for myself started with reading the musical for the first time. It is definitely a production I would go to see because I love this style of contemporary musical.

What would you say to potential audience members to encourage them to come along and see you?

I think this a great musical to go and see. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to see such a brilliant piece of theatre based on true events but adapted through German expressionism.

Thanks Kelly! Lovely to chat to you.


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