Spotlight On… Vicky Pegram

Strange Land is coming to Chelsea Theatre from 26th – 28th May and I caught up with Vicky Pegram to chat about her characters and see what she would say to promote their amazing production.

Tell me about the character(s) you play and what you find to be most interesting about the role(s).

I play Bianka, Lea’s aunt, and Nurse 1. I have found the roles to be very interesting and fun as I need to develop characteristics true to the characters, but also show how the two roles differ from one another.

What’s your favourite part of the production?

The favourite part of the production is scene 2. It experiments with using physical theatre techniques to emphasise the claustrophobia and discomfort of a train carriage.

Is there another role that you could see yourself playing? If so, which one and why that part?

Each of us, with the exception of those playing Lea, play multiple characters of different ages, therefore, we all have the opportunity to explore different characters and physicalisations.

What’s been the best part of being involved on the production?

My favourite part of the production has been the rehearsal process. Every member of the cast and production team have been a joy to work with, each bringing their own creative ideas and imagination to make this show as spectacular as possible.

What would you say to potential audience members to encourage them to come along and see you?

The talent of the cast and production team have brought this dystopian world to life. German expressionism combined with modern day musical theatre techniques make this show relevant, yet interesting, to the contemporary audience. You will be taken on an intriguing journey mixed with comedy and emotion enhanced by the folk music and clever lyrics written especially for this boundary breaking show.

Many thanks to you, Vicky – enjoy!


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