Made in Dagenham ~ Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

Not for nothing are West Bromcwich Operatic Society winners of Best Am Dram Company 2016. With a strong cast which featured a talented cast of Principals, some of whom are regulars for the society and some not so well known faces, Made in Dagenham was a night at the theatre to remember.

The show is based on the film which was inspired by a true story which is set in Essex and based women getting equal pay in comparison to men, these women work in the stitching room at Ford in Dagenham’s car plant. There is a resplendent set, part of which is from the West End show itself and as ever, WBOS have the best orchestra behind them,

There are some splendid ensemble numbers which showcase the society, such as Busy Women, This Is What We Want and Everybody Out. Then there are a couple of excellent opportunities for the principals to shine, notably Same Old Story which is Connie’s big number (Connie is played by Eileen Woolley. Also, Ideal World performed by Sarah Moors as Barbara Castle. There is no doubt that Rachel Davies, who plays Rita O’Grady leads incredibly well in the role that actress, Gemma Arterton made her own in the West End production. Kudos also must go to Lorraine Foggin as Beryl, who f’s and blinds effortlessly and enough to make one realise that the sentences she speaks which contain the expletives, would not be the same without such words!

It’s a musical which not only has catchy and heart wrenching numbers, but also a script which builds the characters’ relationships slowly and meaningfully. I’m sorry to have  missed it in the West End, but I think that it was brought to life brilliantly by one of the most capable amateur societies.

You can still buy your tickets to see it: it’s on until Saturday 28th May.




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