Pongo’s Party ~ Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

*** Touring show ***

Live theatre shows for children are a fantastic way of introducing the young generation to live performances whilst reinforcing the fact that entertainment does not only come from the glowing box in the corner of the living room. What Pongo’s Party does is combine familiar voices from CBeebies, namely those of Justin Fletcher (who voices Pongo the Pig) and Nicole Davis (who voices Molly-Moo Cow) with lively performers and engaging puppets up on stage.

The story is simple yet effective and involves all of the puppets in the cast, not only the aforementioned Pongo and Molly-Moo, but also Sheena the Sheep, and that mischievous Crow, Crafty! Martin Parsons wrote the show and performs as Marty MacDonald, the Farmer. Kate Ashmead is the Producer but also acts as Sally the Scarecrow and happily meets the young audience members after the show.

The auditorium was rocking with The Hokey Cokey, The Wheels On The Bus and I Am The Music Man being received with enthusiasm, to which Sally the Scarecrow replied “Strawtastic!”. There was a fantastic mixture of musical numbers for the children to join in with and a special birthday party activity which also required audience participation.

I took my young son to see Marty MacDonald’s Farm last year and he loved it, Pongo’s Party has been a hit, too and we can’t wait to see more from the team.

Tour dates are here: http://www.martymacdonaldsfarm.co.uk/ so be sure to book your tickets and have a strawtastic time on the farm!



Featured Image Credit: http://www.martymacdonaldsfarm.co.uk


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