Power Monkeys Episode Three ~ Channel Four

A slightly belated write up of this week’s Power Monkeys, and what an apt day to be posting on! The result aside (and what an interesting episode the result will make for, next week!) this week’s episode was mostly concentrating on the characters themselves, I felt. Naturally, aboard the Trump jet reference was made to the Brit who attempted to assassinate the wannabe President, and discussions about preventing Brits from gaining access to Trump were had. I still think that Brett, played by Robert Wilfort, is a great character, his lack of understanding and awareness beyond the Trump campaign is so insular that it’s funny.

The Russians were also on form, with Ben Willbond as Oleg playing a delicious prank on President Obama, the pairing with Alex Utgoff as Alexi is getting better every week. The tongue in cheek references are always so close to the bone, and probably more accurate than we would believe.

There’s still an undercurrent with Tony (Anthony Calf) and Sara (Claire Skinner) following their one night stand, and Oliver (Jack Dee) is in the dog-house when he mentions a trigger word “Nutter!”.

Kevin McNally and Jack Dee Photo Credit: Channel Four

Kevin McNally stole this episode for me, he steps his character of Spencer up another gear each week. His comments about Nigel Farage were hilarious and his complete disregard for Gerry (Andy Nyman) and his recent bereavement was notable, whether intentional or not!

Overall, this week’s instalment appeared to feature more character based stories than those that made the news, but it’s still becoming an impressive piece of telly.

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