What Lies Between Me & Jean ~ Press Release


Starring: Anthony Poore & Anna-Lisa Maree

Written & Directed by: Anna-Lisa Maree

Jean Pocket is the female alter ego of Northern Drag Artiste Steven Saxby who is about to embark on his first one Wo/Man UK Theatre tour “JEAN POCKET – STITCH BITCH TO THE STARS”. Steven may be able to handle a “tanked up lesbian” in the comfort of the clubs on the cabaret circuit but his long suffering stage manager Lou doubts he will ever be ready to unleash ‘Jean’ on the paying public.

Anthony Poore and Anna-Lisa Maree star in What Lies Between Me & Jean

In ‘real life’ Anthony Poore is the award winning drag artiste Tanya Hyde and Anna-Lisa Maree has worked extensively as a Company Stage Manager – this is truly a casting where life imitates art or should that be vice versa in this case?!!

To book tickets visit this link: https://yplanapp.com/london/milk-50883/?utm_medium=backlink&utm_source=atramentaltheatre-3010&utm_campaign=london-theatre-SO-SO

Read the exclusive interview with Anna-Lisa Maree, here: https://breakalegreview.com/2016/06/26/spotlight-on-writer-of-what-lies-between-me-and-jean-anna-lisa-maree/

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