Spotlight On… Carly Thoms

Carly Thoms is a dream of a performer, she has recently breathed life into the role of Little Voice at The Union Theatre and previously took on the 48 Hour Challenge where she played Miss Dorothy in Thoroughly Modern Millie. I caught up with Carly, post LV, to ask all manner of nosey questions!

You’ve just finished a run at The Union Theatre playing the title role in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, can you describe your experience on this amazing show?

I have loved every minute of it. It’s such a challenging role, having to be confident with all of the impressions and the huge journey LV goes on through the play. It’s a play about grief and doing that every night was challenging but quite therapeutic. The entire cast and Alastair Knights (the director) were all fantastic to work with. It felt like a real ensemble piece and everyone gave 100% which made it so exciting.

How familiar were you with the script prior to auditioning for LV?

I had watched the film a few years back and loved it. LV’s monologue was the first monologue I ever learnt, so it was great to get the chance to work on it again! Sort of nostalgic.

Carly played LV – a gift of a role that she did tremendous justice to!

Do you find impersonating people comes easily? Is there a knack to it?

I didn’t know I could do it if I’m honest! I knew my voice was quite versatile and that I mess around doing impressions but didnt think any of them were particularly good. I think the key to doing the impressions for me, was having the confidence to just throw myself in to them. Once you know the voice placement it’s more about just going for it!

Was LV a role you had considered playing before?

I have always thought it was a gift of a role, I feel very lucky to have had the chance to play it.

You recently played Miss Dorothy in Thoroughly Modern Millie, what are your favourite memories of that show? Any scenes that stood out for you?

It was for the 48 hour challange so it was all a bit of a blur! It was incredible to see everyone pulling together for such a good cause (Mind Charity). Miss Dorothy is such a fun role, I loved working with Will Kenning on ”Ah sweet Mystery of life”.

Is there a particular musical that it would be your dream to appear in?

I would love the chance to play Charlotte in A little Night Music. I love how witty she is and ‘every day a little death’ is just heartbreaking, I would love the challenge!

What led you into a performing career?

I went on tour with Whistle down the Wind when I was 12 and did it for 3 years… I fell in love with it and have wanted to work in the industry ever since!

Any advice for future performers?

It’s a marathon not a sprint and there’s more to life than getting a job, don’t take other parts of your life for granted when you’re chasing a job!

What’s next for you?

Back to auditioning and enjoying some family time.


Huge thanks to Carly for a lovely interview, I can speak personally for her performance in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice – LV was a role that was made for her talents!

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