Casualty ‘Where The Truth Lies’ ~ Episode Review

It was all systems go in the ED for Dr Keogh (Will Beck) as his father caused yet more trauma in Saturday’s episode. Brian (Matthew Marsh) had sworn off the fags due to his ailing health, but a quick smoke in his flat turned into a torrid blaze, risking the lives of his baby daughter, and his partner, Hazel (Vicky Hall). Jez (Lloyd Everitt) saves the day, to an extent, when he catches the baby in distressing scenes. My heart was in my mouth, it was a brilliantly filmed sequence.

Dylan, yet again was faced with being too close to the situation versus his desire to do his job and help his step-family. Dr Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) was on hand to step in, in the midst of speculation about her relationship with Jacob (Charles Venn).

It was also a heart-wrenching episode for Robyn (Amanda Henderson) when Glen (Owain Arthur) was exposed by David (Jason Durr) as the fraud he really is. With no deceased wife truthfully in the picture, poor Robyn was left devastated after David forced Glen to admit his lies.

The episode featured David as a central character which was another great platform to reveal more about him, as much of his personality still remains a mystery and his crippling shyness is a barrier to many situations. However, when Vera Vintner (Rula Lenska), a legendary film star whom he is a fan of appears in the ED, the star struck Nurse makes it his mission to find out what her sister is up to. He certainly was the proverbial Sherlock!

A star struck David meets a favourite film star whom he sets out to help. (Rula Lenska and Jason Durr)

Another Detective, Dr Keogh, meanwhile is trying to get to the bottom of the fire in his father’s flat, and the fact that Brian had stamped on his cigarette in his stocking feet signals the series of events that eventually lead to the disastrous father taking his leave.

An action packed instalment, with inspired continuation of storylines and a fantastic appearance from Rula Lenska.

Photo credits: BBC


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