Spotlight On… Writer and Director, Wendy Morgan

Wendy Morgan is a performer who is turning her hand extremely ably to writing and directing. Wendy is one of those incredible people who has seen something she is appalled by i.e. animal cruelty, and she’s done something about the way she feels about it. Mercy – The Movie is the result of Wendy’s campaign to raise awareness of the abuse in abattoirs. Break A Leg are behind the project 100% and are delighted to be advertising the film for Wendy. Here’s an interview with the lady herself:

Thanks for chatting to Break A Leg, Wendy. First of all, what inspired you to write this film?

In 2011 Animal Aid did an investigation into 9 abattoirs in the uk. 8 out of the 9 were found to be abusing the animals. One was not far from where I lived. I went and stood at the gates and followed the case to court. I researched and researched. It was a terrible awakening and one that disturbed me so much I didn’t know how to process it. But writing it down was a natural outlet for me and so I started doing so in around 2012.

Can you describe the writing process? Was it an easy piece to put down on paper?

At first it came out in a an awful gush, like blood from the throat of a stabbed animal, and then as I researched and researched and got into the minds of the animals and the people… it became harder and harder. I tried to stop many times – but it was insistent, and kept rising up in me, and would not be quiet. It has been harrowing to have this on my mind and in my heart for so long, but nowhere as near harrowing for the animals and I thought maybe if I documented it – it may help raise awareness for these poor vulnerable creatures.

Have you been involved in film making before?

This is my directorial debut although I was in my first film at the age of 20 and have been in front of cameras and on film sets over my career many idyllic times. I love being in a film unit, there is nothing quite like it.

The Poster for the film


What can the audience expect from the film?

I am not sure at this stage…. I hope it to be a powerful and emotional experience that will hopefully connect the audience with the animals and what they are going through.

Did you have particular people in mind for your cast when you wrote the script?

For slaughter man – the first person who I thought could do the job was in fact Mark Wingett who is playing it now. I am happy to say that each person who has gravitated to the film is exactly right for each role. I am very lucky to have such a fabulously talented cast and crew!!!

When will the film be released and what is the message that you hope viewers will come away with?

We shoot in July and edit August/September. The editing process will probably be a careful and long process as our visual and sound is so important.. so as for release, well – by winter I would hope. I will for sure keep the gas gently applied. The message ? That animals are individuals who feel and that we should be protecting them and freeing them from this terrible existence that we are subjecting them to. That at the very, very, very least – we will give protection to these, the most vulnerable animals on earth, bred and born to die – by – at the very least,making independently monitored CCTV mandatory in all slaughterhouses.

Wendy and her team have commenced filming and I will be bringing you up to date with all the news and further interviews, as regularly as possible. Thanks for the fantastic interview, Wendy!


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