Brief Encounters Episode 2 ~ ITV

1982 in the world of Ann Summers demonstrators, ITV have definitely hit the jackpot with this tremendous Monday night viewing. Episode two of Brief Encounters proved to be just as enticing as the first instalment.

Poor Steph is trying to balance her new job as an Ann Summers demonstrator, with a son in tow and no husband. Her son is constantly questioning when his daddy will be coming home and her mother (Felicity Montagu) is being less than helpful, her opinion being that her daughter should not have parted ways with her husband simply because he cheated on her!

Nita (Angela Griffin) and her ex-con husband (Don Gilet) are at odds about the fifth baby they are expecting, with Nita against going ahead with the pregnancy.

Steph’s life is in turmoil, her work is one of the more reliable aspects!

My favourite couple, perhaps ironically, given the ending of the episode, are Pauline (Penelope Wilton) and Brian (Peter Wight). They’re a prime example of how the Ann Summers range worked/works favourably for older couples, and it’s so refreshing to see Penelope Wilton playing a totally different character. She is so renowned for playing whiners and holier than thou characters, Pauline is quite a new direction for her and she’s playing it brilliantly. Peter Wight compliments her well and they’re believable as a couple, let’s hope next week’s episode doesn’t destroy that element of the programme for me!

Meanwhile, Dawn (Sharon Rooney) has taken up residence Chez Pauline/Brian and seems to be making herself at home with Russell (Will Merrick), a little bit too at home, it seems!

What the scripts for this much needed ITV drama are adept at doing, are taking the viewer through a gripping scene, edge of the seat stuff, and then lightening the mood in one foul swoop. Another cliff hanger to finish on, to, I can’t wait for next week, and I’m already contemplating another series!

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