Mrs Brown’s Boys Live ~ Episode Review

For years Mrs Brown has gathered a loyal fan-base from performing live in theatres nationally and internationally. The BBC series turned the touring comedy into a phenomenon and with a movie hot on its heels, the loveable mammy, together with her family, has enjoyed extraordinary success.

Last night (Saturday 23 July) the BBC aired a live episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys which contained all of the usual slapstick and expletive humour, with the glorious addition of the cast’s experience of working live theatres. It was quite something, Brendan O’Carroll who plays the mammy herself, was on top form, ad-libbing. He predictably took the show into his own hands and of course, plaguing Rory (Rory Cowan) by raising the matter of Mrs Murphy’s pussy. Poor Rory!

Mrs Brown and Buster in a previous Christmas special.


The misconstrued storyline regarding Betty (Amanda Woods) and Mark (Pat Shields) and their bedroom problems was such a simple yet magnificently effective plot. The banter with Winnie (Eilish O’Carroll) continues to be a highlight as usual, with the batty neighbour mistaking a mirror image of the two of them, for a pair of old ladies. Cathy’s (Jennifer Gibney) there as the voice of reason as usual, and there’s much of what O’Carroll seems to do best, going on – riding on furniture! It’s not a fully fledged episode of Mrs Brown without Dermot (Paddy Houlihan) and Buster (Danny O’Carroll) in costume at some stage, either. Penguins, on this occasion.

I think the BBC’s gamble paid off and more of the same wouldn’t go amiss. It’s because the writing never fails to bring a huge smile to my face, huge belly laughs always ensue, too and this brilliant live episode has given me a taste for more Mrs Brown. So, please Mr O’Carroll, I’d like some more, please!!

Photo credits: BBC

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