Brief Encounters Episode 4 ~ ITV

It’s fair to say that this episode centred mainly around Dawn (Sharon Rooney) and her bewildered fiancé Russell (Will Merrick) as the poor lad is trying to fathom how best to let his betrothed down gently.

Yes, Dawn is certainly getting carried away and flashing her cash on the big white wedding she has her heart set on, and Russell is tired of being dragged along in her wake. A conversation with Brian (Peter Wight) results in a cancelled engagement. However, Dawn’s ensuing conversation with the ailing Butcher goes some way towards helping the love birds reunite. Thankfully, say I, as they do seem to be made for one another!

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However, as always, in this supremely cleverly written programme, there is more than one drama occurring. Pauline’s (Penelope Wilton) world is spinning on its axis when PC Daniels (Ben Bailey Smith) drops the bombshell that he is indeed, her son. Much as she tries to deny this to his face, it is evident from her behaviour that he is telling the truth. So next week will be interesting!

Steph (Sophie Rundle) comes a cropper as she breaks her own golden rule and visits the house of a caretaker who claims to have a wife who would be cheered up by a party. Disaster is avoided, but her husband Terry (Karl Davies) leaves the culprit in no doubt of his feelings towards the attack on his wife. This plot development seems to go some way towards reconciliation for the troubled couple, but I don’t expect their road to be an easy one, and maybe we’ll be left in limbo as to who Steph will choose. Given the writers’ penchant for a cliff hanger, Steph might continue to be torn between her marriage plight and PC Daniels.

Photo credits: ITV

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