Casualty ‘Sticks and Stones’ – Episode Review

An episode of Casualty which rendered me speechless (which is no mean feat!) and made me hungry for the next episode, which we’re having to wait four weeks for! Although, the promo video for the anniversary special will tide me over, as it looks like it will be something extraordinarily special.

Back to last night’s episode, it seems there is more to Grace’s friend Carmel Sims (Sydney Wade) and her brittle mother, Steph (Tonicha Lawrence). A trampoline accident in Carmel’s back garden triggers a cacophony of events which ultimately result in the cliff hanger that left me open mouthed I silent horror. Connie (Amanda Mealing) sets out to get to the truth of Carmel’s situation, with misleading information from Grace (Emily Carey) and the young patient herself. It’s not until Jacob (Charles Venn) uncovers the truth with due to the nature of his improving relationship with Grace, that Steph’s character is discovered and Carmel’s feelings of worthlessness, thanks to her mother, are revealed. Amazing performances by both young actresses.

Amanda Mealing as Dr Connie Beauchamp.

Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) has returned, in the meantime and returns to work with Dr Chao (Crystal Yu) with trepidation and a renewed determination. I’m glad to see this character return and also pleased that she stood up to Dr Chao, maybe some mutual respect will ensure from now on. But then and again this is a drama!

Plus there’s a return to Holby for Glen (Owain Arthur) and we discover that he has a brain tumour, when Robyn (Amanda Henderson) learns of the secret, surprisingly, the romance is back on! It’s good to see Holby’s favourite nurse happy, but how long will happiness reign? Alicia at least has the opportunity to show some of her capabilities when she takes the lead in a procedure to help Glen recover some of his sight.

Everyone is gearing up for Charlie’s (Derek Thompson) 30 years at Holby celebration, and it certainly looks as though it’s not going to go off without a hitch. Or, more accurately, a life-changing disaster.

Following the manic car chase started by a crazed Steph, we have been left in suspense as to Connie and Grace’s fate… I can only say congratulations to all involved, this was an episode that took on a rollercoaster ride all of its own.








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