Brief Encounters Episode 5 ~ ITV

Monday night brought us the penultimate episode of Brief Encounters, and it was all kicking off in more ways than one!

Johnny (Ben Bailey Smith) is left disappointed by his mother Pauline’s rejection of him, she as good as admits to being his birth mum, but is not able to offer any sort of relationship with him. Penelope Wilton is playing a fantastic part in this brilliant series, Pauline is one of my favourite characters and Wilton is digging deeper and deeper as an actress, every week. Johnny also faces rejection from Steph (Sophie Rundle), yet again, despite the revelation that Terry (Karl Davies) has possibly fathered a child during his affair. Setting up a great potential storyline to carry over into another series!

Dawn’s (Sharon Rooney) wedding day looks set to have a dark cloud hanging over it when her father rips her wedding dress, a dress which belonged to her late mother. There’s a touching moment when Brian (Peter Wight) offers to walk Dawn down the aisle after she declares that he and Pauline are like her family, now. Even more poignant given that Pauline is denying all knowledge of her natural son. Testament to clever writing, there!

Dawn and Russell (Will Merrick) have a perfect wedding ceremony, a good knees up at their reception and avoid a punch up with Dawn’s father when he turns up to claim his son back.

Sophie Rundle as troubled Steph


There looks to be a recurrence of Steph and Johnny’s affair as she has approached him for help with finding Nita’s (Angela Griffin) son. Steph is angry with Terry for admitting to his vengeance on her potential rape perpetrator in the previous week’s episode. Coupled with the fact that it looks likely that his affair cannot be left behind them, where they will end up at the close of the series remains a mystery.

Consistently, this show has succeeded in maintaining several cocurrent storylines and each one has kept my interest. A second series is needed please, ITV!!!

Photo credits: ITV


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