Spotlight On…The Fix Ensemble Member, Sarah-Marie Maxwell

The Fix is at The Union Theatre until Saturday 6 August – you can still book tickets here:

Sarah-Marie Maxwell is a new young talent, two years out of Drama School and giving an outstanding performance in The Fix at The Union Theatre. I predict fantastic things for this fantastic actress’s future and I’m delighted to bring you her first ever interview!

Thank you for chatting to Break A Leg, let’s start with The Fix, what’s the experience been like for you?

The Fix has been from the very beginning, such an amazing experience for me. I always like to try and learn from my surroundings and from the cast and crew, I’m still young and learning my craft. This has been an incredible place to continue with that learning process. To be able to work with the Director, Michael Strassen has been incredible, he’s just so hands on with his approach, which is refreshing. If he changes the way you do something, you can see why he’s right and he gets the best out of people. It’s been such a pleasure working with Michael and the cast that he has put together for The Fix is phenomenal, as you’ve seen, the talent in this cast is unbelievable. I’m sad that it’s finishing this week, I’ve loved every single moment of it.

Were you familiar with the musical before you were cast in it?

No, I wasn’t, I tried to do some research which is something that I make a point of doing with every job, and I discussed it with Michael. He said there wasn’t much about the show on the internet, but not to worry because we’d do it our own way and it would be fabulous! I did have a listen to some of the songs on Spotify, but obviously Fra, Lucy and Madalena’s voices are so different to those of the performers who are on the original soundtrack. They’ve all put their own stamp on it. So, although I didn’t know a lot about it, I’ve enjoyed being part of the creative process.

So, if it goes to the West End, would you be keen to move with it?

I wouldn’t hesitate to say yes, I care about the show and one of the many reasons is due to the fact that everyone in the cast gets their moment. Michael has made sure that we all have a chance. I think that’s one of the reasons we’re all working so hard, because we are enjoying doing a show that we care about.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a West End transfer because it’s done so well at The Union Theatre.

Have you got a favourite moment or a favourite song in the show?

There is a song that the girls in the dressing room all sing along to, it’s a duet between Grahame (Ken Christiansen) and Cal (Fra Fee) called Upper Hand. I also love the character that I play, Lesley, Cal’s vocal coach, I feel that I play her differently every performance, too. She gets more and more outrageous as the show goes on!

In rehearsals for The Fix


You trained at Arts Educational Schools in Chiswick, what was that experience like?

It was an amazing experience, it was tough, they strip you back to basics in your first year and then the training you receive is incredible. You also feel as though you’re in a bubble, protected and safe while you’re at drama school and then you have your safety net taken away and it’s a strange feeling. I graduated two years ago and although it was scary at first, you realise that they have prepared you well. I would recommend Arts Ed to anyone who wants to train in Musical Theatre or acting.

It’s a strict environment and they teach you your audition etiquette, help you to establish your repertoire and push you to be the best you can be. I’m thankful for the training.

I’ve had the chance to some fantastic jobs since I left, purely because of timing, I think that timing is everything in this business. The Fix has been one of the most enjoyable so far, though.

So, finally what would you say to sell The Fix to anyone who hasn’t been to see it yet?

It’s quite a raunchy show, it’s very current in regards to politics, it’s an intimate space where the audience feel drawn in and a part of the show. If you want to see some great performances in a great space, come and see us!

Thanks to Sarah-Marie for giving her first ever interview to Break A Leg. All the best with the rest of the run and fingers crossed for a West End transfer!

Photo credits: Arts Educational Schools and The Union Theatre.


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