Area 52 ~ Press Release



 As UFO fans await the arrival of the fabled Planet X this month, what is really out in the Nevada desert?                                                                             

Marc Blake may have the answer in his brilliant new play Area 52, which premieres at the Camden Fringe from August 8 at the Tristan Bates Theatre. 

Area 51 is the US Military site in the Nevada Desert where alien life was ‘discovered.’ And next to it is a hangar manned by two US Army Soldiers: a Corporal and a Captain. Neither knows whom or what they are guarding.

This is a science-fiction play filled with tense drama, suspicion, bluff and double bluff, leading to a nerve-shredding conclusion.

Starring David Patrick Stucky as Milo and JB Newman as Theodore, Area 52 is written and directed by Marc Blake, writer of ITV Drama ‘The Swap’. This is his first stage play.

“Area 52 was inspired by stories about Area 51 and the fabled ‘Nirubu’, plus suggestions that NASA has falsely denied the existence of this ‘Planet X’,” explains Marc.

“Rumour has it amongst UFO fans that this huge planet will orbit just a little too close to us for comfort during August 2016 – so what better time to premiere Area 52?”.

Area 52 runs from August 8 to 13, performances start at 9.15pm. Tickets are £10, £8 concessions.

To book tickets visit:–camden-fringe-2016

Further information is available on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @Area_Fiftytwo

Area 52 Flyer B


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