Spotlight On… 2 Become 1 Writers and Stars, Kerrie Thomason and Natasha Granger

2 Become 1 was a sell-out show at the Fringe last year and is coming back bigger and better at Underbelly this year. The ladies have been developing this 90s musical exploring pre-Tinder dating and the emergence of girl power over the past year. Inspired by the music they grew up on and the group dynamics of their favourite girl bands, Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason invite you to join them from pre-drinks to speed-dates to the takeaway and taxi in this sparkling bubble of 90s nostalgia.

2 Become 1 by Kerrie Thomason and Natasha Granger Performed by Bethany Black, Eliza Hewitt-Jones, Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason Produced by Swipe Right Theatre  Venue: White Belly at Underbelly Cowgate (Venue 61), 66 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JX Dates: Previews 4-5 Aug (£6), 6-28 August (£9/£8) (not 17), 4pm (1hr) Box Office: 0844 545 8252 / Fringe Office: 0131 226 0000

This is right up my street, so I was delighted to chat to Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason who wrote this piece and perform in it, too.

Tell me about the show and how the rehearsal process has affected the transition from page to stage.

2 become 1 is a 90s comedy pop musical about four slightly mad girls going speed dating. After seeing many jukebox musicals with songs from the 60s and 70s, we really wanted to create a musical that had songs from our generation. Although we wrote an initial script, we devised a lot in the rehearsal process, workshopping the scenes and characters, and then kept going back to edit the script as the story developed and changed.

What is your favourite moment or favourite line in the production?

Our favourite moment has to be when Amanda (the hopeless romantic) has the chance to date a member of the audience, a man she has been in love with since the start of the show. We love this moment as it is largely ad-libbed and changes every night and is so dependent on the audience reaction. This scene always has the audiences, and us, in stitches!

What do you hope audiences will take away with them from this piece?

Mostly we think this is a party of a show, so want our audiences to come away ready for a night out in Edinburgh Town. But we do hope people pick up on the idea that there was a way to date and meet people before the takeover of Tinder and technology.

How does the space lend itself to the production?

We are performing in the White Belly at Underbelly Cowgate, and we love the contrast of four girls singing pop with our very sparkly set, and costumes, in what is essentially a bunker! It has a brilliantly large stage, perfect for our dance routines, and a wide aisle in the middle of the audience, so we have managed to use this as an extension of the stage so even those at the back can get close and personal to the characters…

Have you experienced a fringe festival before? What has your experience been?

We brought ‘2 Become 1’ up to the Fringe last year, it was a brilliant experience and the show did really well. We wanted to bring it back this year bigger and better then the last and we think we have done just that!

Sell the show to me, what would you say to encourage potential audience members to come?

It is an hour of classic 90s tunes, hilarious dates, girl power and a zigazigah!!

Thanks for a great interview, ladies! Enjoy and have fun during your run. Girl Power!


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