Spotlight On… Star of Blast From The Past, Felicity Dean

Blast From The Past is written  and directed by Anna-Lisa Maree. It is part of Camden Fringe and will be staged at Upstairs At The Gatehouse 16th – 19th August 2016.

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Felicity Dean has joined the cast of Blast From The Past to play three brand new characters, Lola Playfoot, Caz and Melanie. I was delighted to catch up with one of Break A Leg’s Patrons to find out who these mad-cap characters are and what attracts her to new writing.

Thank you for talking to Break A Leg, Felicity. Tell me about your characters in Blast From The Past and what did you think of he script when you first saw it?

First of all, when I read the script I laughed out loud, it was a really interesting read and I thought the writer had a great sense of character.

I play three different woman, which is interesting in itself. The first one is Melanie, she’s 21 years old (at this point the Editor points out that Felicity is a little older than 21…). She’s marvellous and she’s engaged to Mark. The second character, who I adore is Lola, I’ve decided she’s got a very deep voice, sounds a bit like Jane McDonald! Lola’s a good time girl, flat on her back most of the time. She rocks up to the party dressed like Ginger Spice, she’s a self-confessed drag-hag with a heart of gold. She’s the sort of girl who believes you’ve got to make of life what you can. Then there’s Caz, she’s Owner of Out and Proud, a gay magazine. She is  stereotypical gay woman in the 90’s.

What’s interesting to me about this play is it’s got the comedy and it’s relevant. There’s a poignancy to this piece.

Have you a favourite line or scene in the script, yet?

I think my favourite will change as we get into rehearsals, but there is a great scene between Nathan and Lola when they come back drunk after a night out. I think it will be really funny.

What do you remember most from the 90’s?

My memories are of becoming a mum, my Son, Paris was born in 1993. It was a life changing time. Paris being born was the greatest time of my life. I also first appeared at the National Theatre in the 90’s, there were lots of other good times as well. Becoming a mum was my defining moment during that time.

What can the audience expect from the play?

Of course, this is based around the nail bombing which took place at the Admiral Duncan Pub. However they can expect a funny play, it’s a comedy which will have you laughing and then they will realise that there is a serious side. There is such great poignancy to this story.

What would you say to encourage potential audience members to buy a ticket?

Come and see a great cast playing some fabulous characters, it’s going to be great fun and we’d love for you to join us at Upstairs at the Gatehouse. And we’ve got a real 90’s Pop star, Kavana!

I’d like to thank lovely Felicity for chatting to me and wish her all the best with this production.



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