Spotlight On… Star of Blast From The Past, Judy Buxton

Blast From The Past is written  and directed by Anna-Lisa Maree. It is part of Camden Fringe and will be staged at Upstairs At The Gatehouse 16th – 19th August 2016.

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Judy Buxton is reprising her role of Julie Tate in Blast From The Past, she’s also taking on some extra characters due to this being an extended version of the show. I caught up with Judy (who is a Patron of Break A Leg!) to find out all about her new characters and how she feels about returning to the leopard print.

Hi Judy, thank you for chatting to Break A Leg, first of all, you originated the role of Julie in Blast From The Past at the London Short Play Festival last year – what has inspired you to want to revisit the character?

Well, I wanted to re-visit the character because last year’s piece was a very short version of the play, so it’s going to be interesting to play her in the hour long version. I am also keen to revisit the character because it’s a part that I wouldn’t normally be cast in. I am being cast fairly regularly as older character parts, but this is something completely different, for a start she’s a tarty character from the north which I’m certainly not normally cast as. I enjoyed the experience at the London Short Play Festival and that’s the main reason why I want to repeat it. It’s a fun character to play, but as you know, the play is poignant as well. Julie’s a tart with a heart, really and had a difficult life. She’s had to look after her children by herself after her husband left, but she’s struggled through and got on with it. Overall, I think she’s quite a likeable character.

Have you considered playing any aspect of the role differently, this time?

I think because it plays as it’s written, when you read the script you can hear what the character is like, so I don’t think I’ll change anything unless Anna-Lisa changes anything. In this longer version I’ve also got three other characters to play. There won’t be time to change make up, but costume, yes. Not only will I play Julie Tate as the younger and older, I also play Mrs Grimshaw the cleaner, Mystical Maureen and Beverley Scanton, who was Danny’s teacher.

This time around as well as the additional characters you are playing, there are some other extra parts which means the cast has grown. How do you think that will change the dynamics?

It’s difficult to say until we start, but I still think it will work very well. I’m looking forward to seeing how it pans out. I think that even though the piece is longer and there are more characters, none of the poignancy is lost, which is lovely.

This year, I believe you attended the memorial for the Nail bombing victims?

Yes,  Jeff (Jeffrey Holland, Judy’s husband) and I went down to the memorial that takes place every April, we went into the Admiral Duncan Pub and it was incredibly moving, there was a little procession down the street. It was so poignant and I’m very glad that I did that, because the piece will mean much more to me than the first time around when I hadn’t attended a memorial. It will mean so much more to me when I’m in the memorial scene at the end of the show.

What do you think the audience will get from the show?

Hopefully they’ll laugh and maybe have a bit of a cry as well. I think because it was a real event there will be some people that remember it. Then there will be people who have never even heard of the Nail bombing in 1999, but maybe they’ll want to know more. There’s certainly something for everyone.

Finally, what would you say to encourage people to buy a ticket?

As I said, there’s going to be something for everyone, there will be a lot of laughs and costume-wise, Anna-Lisa has done a great job. It’s about a true event but with fictional characters who are larger than life, plus there’s the Drag element as well.

I’d like to thank Judy for her time and wish her a successful show, next week!


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