Spotlight On…Musician Tally Spear

Tally Spear is a 20 year old musician and singer/songwriter who was born in London and lives in London. Her website link is here: and you can find her single The Lucky Ones, on Spotify and iTunes:

Tally has a gig at Ronnie Scotts on Tuesday 16 August, here’s the link to the event on Facebook with all the details:

Thank you for talking to Break A Leg. So, Tally, first of all tell me about your set at Ronnie Scotts on 16th August, are you looking forward to performing there and what can the audience expect?

I’ve heard so much praise for Ronnie Scott’s over the years, yet I’ve never actually got round to going there myself. Therefore this will be my first time both playing at and going to Ronnie’s – I’m excited! This is also one of the first London gigs played with my wonderful backing band, so the audience can expect my usual stripped back live style to be transformed into something fuller!

Where did your passion for music first begin and how did you pursue it to start with?

I come from a family of musicians and actors, and so creativity has always been something very much encouraged at home. I was fed the best music by my parents from a very young age, and grew up listening to lots of ‘The Beatles’ and other hugely inspiring artists. Having started piano training at age seven, I was writing and performing my own music at eleven, at every opportunity.

Is there an instrument that you don’t currently play that you would like to learn in the future?

A good question! Yes! I have just been gifted a beautiful mandolin by my parents as a graduation present, – I love it, but I can’t play it. My aim is to be able to perform live with it by the end of 2016.  Ambitious but watch this space…!!


Where does the inspiration for your song writing come from?

I wish I knew. I don’t think there’s any sure thing that’ll inspire me to write new music. My music is my mind in song form; a mix-match of thoughts, feelings, ideas about what’s going on around me and where I’m at in life. Most often, a song will just kind of appear out of no-where and I’ll write it very naturally, other times I’ll have no ideas or inspiration for many months. Songwriting is a mysterious process I’ll never understand.

Have you got a single or album coming out soon and what can we expect from your new work?

Oooh, I have an exciting announcement to make at my gig at Ronnies which may or may not answer this question. Come and find out!

Who inspires your music? Do you have an idol in the business?

I absolutely have to always answer a ‘who inspires you’ question with Bob Dylan: his lyric-writing is endlessly fascinating and inspiring. I love how he fuses poetry with music to express so much in each song. I’ve always wanted my lyrics to be a focus in my music.

What is your ambition for your music career?

I’m driven by the idea that strangers who I may never meet or know, could get to hear what I think and feel by listening to the songs I write. I aspire to use music to connect to others, all over the world. Knowing that some people are out there and might, one day, listen to a song of mine and think ‘I think that too, I get what she’s saying’ is really cool.

Finally, have you a message to encourage people along to Ronnie Scotts?

If you like folky music, come along, and I’ll play some folky music!

Wishing Tally all the best with her upcoming gig, I know she’ll be amazing.

You can follow Tally on Twitter and Instagram @TallySpear.


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