Spotlight On… Trainspotting Star, Rachael Anderson


In Your Face Theatre and King’s Head Theatre Present Trainspotting Assembly George Square Studios Underground 3-29 August, 6pm and 8:30pm (not 9, 16, 23)  

“Ah’ve hud a long-standing problem with heroin addiction. Ah’ve been trying tae combat this, but it has curtailed my employment activities. I feel it’s important tae be honest and mention this tae you.  “

Irvine Welsh’s cult classic Trainspotting lands in its home territory with a bang after sell-out runs in Edinburgh, London and a UK tour. Immerse yourself – literally – in the Worst Toilet In Scotland as we follow the lives of Renton, Sick Boy and Begbie in an interactive, no-holds-barred take on the Edinburgh junkie underworld. 

LISTING INFORMATION Venue:  Assembly George Square Studios Underground, EH8 9JZ Time:  18:00 and 20:30 (20:30 only 3 August, 18:00 only 29 August)  Running Time: 75mins Dates: 3-29 August. Previews 3-5 August. No shows Tues 9, 16, 23 August Tickets: Previews £10 (£8); 10-11, 15, 17-18, 22, 24-25 & 29 August £13 (£11); 6-8, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 August  £15 (£13) Bookings:, 0131 623 3030 or Assembly box offices at Assembly Hall and Assembly Roxy, Assembly George Square and Assembly Checkpoint

Trainspotting is an outstanding piece of work and it is a brilliant film as well as an amazing stage production. I chatted with Rachael Anderson from the cast, she plays Laura McEwan and June, among others!

Tell me about the show and how the rehearsal process has affected the transition from page to stage.

The journey the show has taken over the past three years has been insane. For me a lot of the work for my characters came from Irvine’s original novel, as we took a lot of characters written into solo monologues and brought them to life so the only way to find their real backstory was from the original books. Getting to create and originate characters that hadn’t been played on the stage before has been such an exciting and challenging experience. Having all these characters present and alive for an audience to see helps our story become so much more real, I just hope I’ve done them all justice!

What is your favourite moment or favourite line in the production?

My favourite moment is actually when I’m off stage and being able to listen in to the audience’s reactions. The moment Gavin (Mark Renton) wakes up in the bed with a few surprises beneath the sheets is by far the best moment of the show. For me, it’s when I can really tell if the audience are on board with our show and ready to join in on the journey. I don’t want to give too much away but it makes sure the show starts off with a bang.

What do you hope audiences will take away with them from this piece?

Trainspotting has so many themes still current in this day and age, so all I really want is for people to be able to relate to the story we’re telling them and find something that they can really connect to. Ultimately, we just want everyone to enjoy and be moved in some way by the show. I absolutely love Trainspotting, and just hope our audiences feel the same.

How does the space lend itself to the production?

Our show wouldn’t be what it is without the spaces we perform it in. Taking everyone out their comfort zone, breaking the fourth wall and giving them the experience we aim for wouldn’t be the same in any other usual theatre space. It sets up the whole show and gets them straight into our world.

Have you experienced a fringe festival before? What has your experience been?

I’ve performed in the Fringe with Trainspotting the past 3 years, however this year I happen to be performing in two other shows as well, both of which are musicals, one being commercial and the other being a new development piece. They are both a far cry from Trainspotting but it has been amazing to be fully immersed in so many different worlds. The Fringe Festival is the best thing about Edinburgh, and even though I may be doing five shows in one day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sell the show to me, what would you say to encourage potential audience members to come?

There is no other theatre experience like it. It’s an absolute emotional roller coaster. You aren’t just an audience member, you become part of the cast, part of the journey and part of a unique experience. We’re a fully Scottish cast with an immense passion and insane amount of pride for the show. Don’t miss out!

Thanks Rachael, I’m sure this show will be fantastic and I send all my best wishes for the run.


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