Spotlight On… Casualty Star, Amanda Henderson

Robyn Miller is one of Casualty’s favourite Nurses and I was thrilled to be able to chat to Amanda Henderson who plays the bubbly character. We talked about her character’s tumble-down love life and her part in the 30th anniversary episode.

Thank you for talking to Break A Leg, Amanda, so first of all what are you able to tell me about what we can expect from the 30th anniversary episode?

It’s very much an ensemble piece, everyone is involved, but it’s the case that everyone’s safety net in the world around them is falling apart around them. There’s something within everybody’s personal journey that is falling apart so there’s a lot of emotional turmoil.

So, going back to when you first joined the cast what was your first day on set like?

Oh! Where have 4 years gone? This has been my first long running TV job, I’ve had a few bits and bobs here and there but this has been my first major TV role, so on my first day on set I was terrified. I was really fortunate that I was starting with three other people, one of whom, again hadn’t done TV, like me. I was really fortunate that I was working with Suzanne Packer at the time and Alex Walkinshaw and Christine Tremarco. They became my mentors on and off screen and taught me everything I know about acting. Whether they appreciate it or not, they did! Plus, Derek Thompson of course, he’s been brilliant and like a father figure to everyone.

What led you into an acting career, initially?

I’ve always done it since I was little, it’s the only thing I was any good at. I trained in Musical Theatre, eventually, I always did amateur dramatics when I was little. My parents were involved in the shows, too, my dad ended up directing, my mum choreographed them, so my sister and I also went into it. Eventually, my sister grew up and grew out of it a bit and I didn’t! So I carried on and had a blip where I trained as a hairdresser for a while, then trained as a Nursery Nurse. I couldn’t shake off wanting to perform, so when a course came up in Manchester that I wanted to do in Musical Theatre I did that and the rest as they say is history!

Going back to the character of Robyn, how have you enjoyed playing out her recent romantic relationship?

Working with Owain Arthur who plays Glen is great, he’s a really lovely guy. It’s one of those things where you feel that you want Robyn as a character to have a happy ending, but this is Casualty, it is a drama and not everything is plain sailing. Watch this space!

Is there a character who’s left during your 4 years on the show who you would love to have return to the series?

I miss everyone that’s left, it feels weird now that of the people I started with, there’s only three people left. I’m the fourth longest running character now! I miss Christine Tremarco, we only managed about six month together in the programme but she was my mentor and she taught me a lot about life and this job, she was brilliant. Suzanne Packer, of course, I still see her as she lives in Cardiff but I miss he being here, we always giggled a lot. She always used to say that she could tell when I was going to giggle because I’d get a glint in my eye, so she’d end up going just before me and she’d start giggling. Jane Hazelgrove and Sunetra Sarka too, of course, whenever it was someone’s birthday, Sunetra would always organise something and now she’s gone we’re lost. Lee Mead, too, he’s my buddy, I really miss him, I’ll always miss him.

What would you like to see happen for Robyn in the future?

I’d love her to have a happy ending, and settled down, but I’d also like to see her grow as a Nurse. I think she’s growing within her life, but I still think there’s room for her to grow as a Nurse. Maybe she could take a few more responsibilities, she is ready for it, but I think life keeps getting in the way of her doing that. As much as she tries to be professional it’s not always easy and she’s still in her own little bubble, I think she always will be, She’s a person who will help anyone if she can and I like that attribute in her personality. I wish I could be more like that, although I do try!!

Amanda was an absolute pleasure to talk to and I hope things get better for Robyn, she deserves it!

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