Spotlight On… Casualty Star, Will Beck

Will plays one of my favourite doctors in Casualty, Dr Dylan Keogh, and I was delighted to talk to the man himself to find out about his time on Casualty to date and of course, the 30th anniversary episode!

Hi Will, thanks for talking to Break A Leg, what can you tell me about the 30th anniversary episode?

Well, comparatively little I suspect in relation to some of the other cast members, I’m involved in it comparatively little. The stuff that we did was very dramatic, the focus is on what is theoretically the biggest accident the show’s ever had. I can’t vouch for that but it looks impressive and there’s something of a blood bath which I think is a bit more realistic because this show is restrained in how gory it can be and is more suggestive most of the time. On this occasion I think you see the real horror of the thing and also the backdraft of the accident which is quite exciting. Then of course you’ve got the story with Charlie as well as the story between Connie and Jacob. It’s going to be quite an interesting experience to see if we’re able to sustain double the amount of drama.

So, going way back to your first day on Casualty, what can you remember of that experience?

My first day was on location and that was in Bristol and I remember feeling a bit buffeted because the show and set up is so well established and everything is so well orchestrated. I remember that I wanted whatever I did to be a bit different. I thought it was important and still think it’s important to not just be seen to be just another character.

What would you like to see happen for your character?

Well, when I first joined the show, the idea was that he did something a little bit new for the show and that he was particularly good at diagnostics. That was a fun part of it to play, interacting with patients is the best stuff because you get to see how a character who isn’t particularly socially aware has difficulty with having to respond to various different people as opposed to the difficulties that are created between the regular characters in the show. I do sometimes get wary of the suspicion that Dylan is having a ‘bromance’ with other characters, it’s not something I’m setting out to achieve. I think in a show where you’ve got people pairing off all over the shop it’s really important dramatically to have an odd number isn’t it, have one left out, otherwise you have your inbuilt happy ending and you don’t want that. So I like to be the odd one out.

Are there any characters who you would like to see make a return to the show in the future?

There are lots of people that I miss, I really miss Chrissy Tremarco who I didn’t have lots of stuff to do with after the first few months, but she was great and such a bubbly character and I know that her character, Linda jarred with some of the audience but that’s not always a bad thing. Obviously Sunetra but she’s gone onto different things and she was ready to see what else there was out there. In a dream world somebody like Zoe and I was also particularly fond of Jordan, there was a slight comical authority about him.

What do you think of the character development so far and the introduction of his father?

I love the stuff with his dad, it’s important to leave that where it is for the time being, but it’s been great to do and Matthew Marsh who plays Brian is someone I’ve known for many years and he’s just brilliant. I couldn’t have hoped for anybody better to play dad. Whilst it was uncomfortable for Dylan it was great for me! There’s lots of good stuff to come, we’re doing a storyline with an intern doctor at the moment and hopefully all of these things will push Dylan.

Finally, have you got a message for the viewers to encourage them to keep watching?

There are exciting structural changes to come to the show, not least that it’s the 30th anniversary and change in the show is ongoing and you can’t fault the show for trying to break new ground. We’ve got a very exciting episode in the pipeline which I won’t spoil the premise of but it really is unique for British television, it’s not a live episode, but it’s something that sounds like it will be remarkable. Stay tuned, you never know what you might see, and nor do I!

 Thank you so much to Will for sparing the time for this, it was a pleasure to chat to him and I can vouch that he couldn’t be more different to his character.

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