Spotlight On… Creator of Big Shot The Musical, Lauryn Gaffney

Big Shot, a brand new original musical, has enjoyed  a run at the London Irish Centre this month and I enjoyed a chat with its creator, Lauryn Gaffney.
Hi Lauryn, thank you for talking to Break A Leg. Tell me about your production and where the inspiration originated from.
BIG SHOT is a new original musical about a lawyer in NYC who has never lost a case. Jeremy Crocker is faced with a moral dilemma when the woman he falls in love with is engaged to one of his clients who is guilty of murder. Carrie, the girl who Jeremy has fallen for has no idea that her fiancé is a murderer. Jeremy has a dilemma does he follow his heart and tell the woman he loves that she is about to party a murderer or keep to his client confidentiality.
How have things progressed in rehearsals?
The show progresses immensely during rehearsals. Watching different people play the roles is watching the show develop from the page to the stage. Workshopping is always a vital role in original musicals. Rehearsals with both musicians and the cast allows the show to evolve.
What were you looking for in your cast? Any particular qualities?
In my cast I always look for dedicated, enthusiastic, creative people who are willing to work hard to develop the show. Being an excellent actor and vocalist also helps!
What can the audience expect from the piece and what do you hope they’ll take away with them?
The audience will have a night in theatre to forget their troubles and will be taken on a journey through a range of emotions and will undoubtably leaving the theatre singing the songs.
What would you say to encourage people to come and see the show in the future?
Please come along to BIG SHOT it’s a full band and cast all from Ireland that are incredibly talented and skilled! You are guaranteed to have a blast!
Thanks to Lauryn for a lovely interview, keep your eyes peeled for this musical!

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