Goodnight Sweetheart, Episode Review ~ BBC

A revisit to Goodnight Sweetheart seemed like a good idea, to see how Gary (Nicholas Lyndhurst) was a tempting prospect. My verdict is that it was pulled off spectacularly well and I will never listen to Adele’s ‘Hello’ in the same way, again, now!

What was immediately likeable about this episode was that the cast were all the same as those we left off with. Elizabeth Carling picked up Phoebe again, effortlessly, Victor McGuire was still as loveable and hopeless as Ron and Emma Amos was superbly scathing as Yvonne. Reg (Christopher Ettridge) was also a welcome returnee and Lyndhurst was yet again on form, it was a joy to see him back in the time traveller’s shoes.

Nicholas Lyndhurst as Gary and Elizabeth Carling as Phoebe

Gary’s reappearance in ‘present day’ was a real highlight, in fact it was so well shot that I could see the oddities of today’s over-interest in technology through Gary’s eyes! It was interesting to see young Michael Sparrow (Tim Preston) out of nappies, and moving time forward to the 1960s didn’t detract from the essence of the show, which had been my concern. I think my favourite storyline was the introduction of Gary’s daughter Ellie (Esme Coy), the child that he didn’t know he had fathered, and who’s mother is Yvonne. Another relationship to explore and I would like to see Michael and Ellie having the ability to time travel, too and perhaps swap over. Put Ellie in the 60’s and Michael in the 00’s, the possibilities are endless and that is what made this episode so engaging. Am I left wanting more? Yes! Has it lost any of its momentum? No! I actually felt that an hour-long special wouldn’t have gone amiss and it’s a tease to have left us hanging! Congratulations, BBC, a fine choice of show to revive.

Photo credits: BBC


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