Young Hyacinth, Episode Review ~ BBC

This had the potential to go horribly wrong and ruin what Roy Clarke has so generously given us in the original Keeping Up Appearances. I am so glad that, from my perspective at least, it worked! A winning format if ever I’ve seen one and I’d be happy to see a series and to watch more antics from the four sisters, unfold.

Hyacinth’s past had never occurred to me, before, I found I enjoyed the idea that she had worked for a well to do family. Plus, the oh so familiar goosing that regularly befell her in the original series, was incorporated into the storyline. To be able to watch her growing snobbery from its roots was a treat and to see all four sisters in their youth, with their foibles already outlined was well done.

Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth and Clive Swift as Richard in Keeping Up Appearances.

Although, Mark Addy was actually my highlight, he made for a fantastic Daddy, and I felt that it was a great casting decision. Addy brought the right balance of comedy to the role, he wasn’t too over the top and brought an Onslow-like quality to the role, which would be interesting to explore given Daisy’s life choices! Kerry Howard was an inspired choice for the role of Hyacinth, she did Patricia Routledge proud with her fabulous facial expressions. There was just a hint of an impersonation of the much-loved character, yet enough for Howard to make the part her own, too. Katherine Pearce played a young huffy Daisy, brilliantly. Tamla Kari was splendidly aloof as Violet, a slight variation on Rose, I always felt, and that shone through. Katie Redford who played Rose was again, an excellent choice, both in appearance and in the portrayal of the character. Debra Stephenson and Tony Gardner provided some superb comedy moments s Duclie and William, Hyacinth’s employers, they each pitched it just right for a light sit-com.

More, please, Mr Clarke! What more can I say than that?

Photo credits: BBC



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