Torcher Chamber Arkestra, Craftspace ~ MAC Arts Centre, Birmingham

Torcher Chamber Arkestra was curated by Craftspace at MAC Birmingham and took place on 2 and 3 September 2016.

Torcher Chamber Arkestra sounded like an interesting concept on paper, combining fire, glass, music and electronics. Craftspace curated this piece as part of the MAC Arts Centre Craftspace Curates programme.

The line-up for this orchestral collaboration included Carrie Fertig, Alistair MacDonald and Stuart Brown. I felt that the introduction they gave was informative and fascinating, there was obvious passion for the experience we were about to receive and the younger members of the audience were excited to learn that they would be allowed to handle some of the instruments the end of the show.

The lighting was atmospheric, despite the fact that being a relaxed performance, we did not have the full effect. It was quite something to watch Carrie blowing the glass to make it into one of the instruments. I enjoyed the scientific element to the arrangement and it created a diverse dynamic, too. Listening to glass being utilised so beautifully as percussion was an innovative idea and all the more intense, I found, if I closed my eyes.

The use of technology to create echoes and extensions of the sounds produced was well placed and added an additional dimension to the collaboration. I particularly took pleasure in the water aided section and felt that this took on a score all of its own.

I highly recommend keeping an eye on what Craftspace has to offer, if this particular production is anything to go by, there will be some amazing efforts coming up in the future.



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