Spotlight On… Star and Writer of Kissing The Shotgun Goodnight, Christopher Brett Bailey

Kissing The Shotgun Goodnight runs from 6 – 11 October 2016 at The Ovalhouse Theatre, for more information and to book tickets, visit this link:


I interviewed actor and writer, Christopher Brett Bailey, here’s what he had to say…

Thank you for chatting to Break A Leg. Tell me about the piece and your inspiration for it

The piece is an avant-garde rock concert & experimental text collage in response to the worship of life and fetishisation of death. It’s a poem on the topic of self-destruction, a portrait of a mind ravelling and unravelling ad nauseum, and a sonic journey of beautiful music and ear shattering noise.

Was it easy to translate from page to stage?


Did you have any ideas about what you wanted to bring to the role(s)?

I will be appearing onstage as myself, so there’s little in the way of acting preparation… Usually when I am onstage as myself I am simply pretending as though I’m not nervous. and I usually try to make my accent a little stronger.

How does the space lend itself to the piece?

This piece has been designed for the Ovalhouse stage and has a lengthy installation process, which is a sick sick luxury I’ve not had before. If you’re reading this and live in one of the other towns we will be touring to… I’m sure it will look great in your town too!

What would you say to encourage people to buy a ticket?

I would say “if you like the look of it and think it might be for you and are free on the date please do come along. If you absolutely hate it I may not be allowed to refund you the money but I promise to apologise profusely, take your address and post you a gift of equivalent value!”

Finally, any advice for budding writers / performers?

Oh man, I am definitely still in the budding phase myself! If you have any advice please do send it my way! Uhh hang on, I do have one bit of advice actually… don’t take a writing class, ever. They’re a waste of money. Especially if I am teaching.

Thanks to Christopher for a great interview, wishing every success for the production!

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