Casualty ‘Party Pooper’ ~ Episode Review

I guess this episode couldn’t be more aptly titled, it’s Alicia’s (Chelsea Halfpenny) birthday and her party is taking place that evening. She’s already given herself a birthday present in the form of setting up drunken Max (Jamie Davis) and Jez (Lloyd Everitt) to be positioned draped over one another, and naked! A few well placed comments about the noises she heard coming from Jez’s bedroom are enough to seal that element of doubt as to what went on the night before, and worry the unwitting pair. Their bet as to who could kiss her first being the catalyst for Alicia’s cunning.

Gaynor (Frances Grey) who appeared in a recent episode, returned and unfortunately, was diagnosed with the onset of Dementia. This was following signs of memory loss which resulted in her re-admission to the ED. A harrowing experience for all concerned, including Ethan (George Rainsford) who instigates the tests to confirm the sad truth. Ethan’s own condition was most certainly at the forefront of his mind in this episode as he continued to give mixed signals to Alicia. He upset her when he and Cal (Richard Winsor) concocted an excuse for him not to come to her party.

Cal is up to his old tricks again!

Alicia’s party caused more disconcertion when Lily (Crystal Yu) showed some disappointment at not having been invited and an exchange with Alicia ensued. I like the interactions between these two, it’s almost like the battle of the ice queens, but always that bit more obvious that Alicia would be the first to melt. Of course, it’s revealed later that it’s the anniversary of Lily’s father’s death and Iain (Michael Stevenson) with whom the stand-offish doctor has formed a bond, comforts her when she makes a fool of herself. Although, turning up to a party in fancy dress might not have been Lily’s finest hour, in her opinion, she looked fantastic! I enjoyed the way that the anniversary of the loss of her father linked in with the story of the pole dancer. Lily had assisted her in building bridges with her father whom she had stabbed in the torso with one of her killer heels.

The writers have given another chink in brotherly love from Cal and Ethan as their recent bonding looks set to unravel, it seems that Cal has taken Ethan’s ‘disinterest’ in Alicia as a green light for him to have some fun with the young doctor. Oh dear…..




Photo Credits: BBC

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