Spotlight On… Star of Dead Sheep, Graham Seed

Dead Sheep is currently touring the UK, the dates and booking information can be found here:

Actor, Graham Seed is one of the stars of the play and he kindly answered some of my questions about Dead Sheep.

Thank you for talking to Break A Leg, Graham. Tell me about the characters you play in Dead Sheep…

My main character is Ian Gow but I also have cameos as Nigel Lawson and Dennis Thatcher as well as being Minister 3 – one of the chorus.

Did you have a perception of how you wanted to play the characters did you do much research before rehearsals started?

I was lucky enough to be involved in the play from its outset. Jonathan Maitland is a neighbour and we had initial readings in his kitchen a couple of years ago. I always thought it had huge potential and I have being totally committed to taking it on. Playing Ian Gow is the carrot – and that beautiful scene in Act 2 when he expresses his vulnerability. No spoilers!

How familiar were you with the politics of that decade? Were you an avid follower of the various goings on?

I remember the period vividly. I guess I am the right age! I always do a bit of research. Ian Gow pops up on Youtube giving the first to broadcast speech from The House, I warmed to his wit and obvious charm.

What do you think the strengths of this production are?

I love the way the play deals with the concept of loyalty. To a party, to a friend, and to ones partner. All this done in a historical setting with humour.

Digressing to The Archers for a moment, if I may, as that is one of your many career credits – what have your main highlights been of appearing in the drama?

I have too many memories of The Archers to list. When William Smethurst was the editor Nigel Pargetter was in his pomp! Young, silly and infectiously busy. What a privilege it was to play him.

Finally, what would you say to encourage people to buy a ticket?

The play is like a Beaujolais Nouvaux – fresh, pert and a tad frisky!

Thanks to Graham for a great interview, all the best with the rest of the run!


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